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CherryChris’ Diary



I had dreamt for a long, long time with the making of a product like this one.


I have always thought that dreams are materialized, but we need time, patience and to never stop working on our objective.


For years there was a travel backpack on my mind, just the right size and with the necessary compartments for the trajectory.


Dione approached me, a Mexican company with a whole lot of lifetime prestige and we started talking; I told them about the idea I had had for a very long time and everything rolled out so fast and so simple that the only thing I thought was:  it was the perfect timing.


I couldn’t have found a better company to land my project; they have all the experience, equipment and quality that I was looking for…so we made a beautiful fusion, just like we imagined.



We made “the product” which is the travel backpack that is filled with CherryChris details and with all the Dione quality and structure and we created another line of accessories which are:  a fanny pack, document holder and a passport holder; all ready for your trip.


This line is designed for those passionate travelers, without leaving style behind, fashion and looking incredible no matter where you are.


Love, Ch.