Viva Mexico now joins forces
with Christianne Sandoval founder of, a lifestyle blog, with
what is born: TRAVELMX. A dynamic and fresh
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TravelMx Puerto Vallarta

We had the opportunity to travel to Puerto Vallarta and give ourselves the luxury of flying straight from Guadalajara in just 45 minutes, that really was a super plus experience thanks to Calafia Airlines.

There is no doubt that every trip is different, and no matter how many times you have visited a place, each time it becomes a new perspective.

The Travel MX team was wonderful, and the staff at the Villa Premiere Hotel made us feel at home, and as if they knew us all our lives.

Puerto Vallarta has always been my second home on vacation, and this time it was completely different, I felt like getting to know this wonderful beach for the first time.

Thank you for letting us make a guide of this incredible place, we hope that all people have a nice experience with everything we share here and go running to meet my second home.

TravelMx Guadalajara

TravelMx Querétaro

Cherry’s Diary

The world of social networks

I’ve bumped into friends that say: “I’ve closed my Facebook account because it was taking up too much of my time”, I always argue with them; then, what are you really wasting your time on?

The social network era is going on, and whether we have a business or not, that is where everything is happening, where you find the best offers and where you know the news that has just happened.

It is important to know what we are using it for and how to get the best out of it so it doesn’t become a waste of time.

If you have a business, you must be there.  If not, basically, you don’t exist.  Us consumers are, in a nutshell, on line all day; let it be for work or pleasure.

As an entrepreneur, I recommend having your social networks active, informing the consumer about your product or service, sharing the processes, prices and information.  As a user, I advise you to follow accounts of your interest and inspiration.  The digital world is a universe of ideas and information that never existed before.  There are great opportunities to get close to people you never imagined, and at some point, contact them to do business together. (It’s real).

Tips for entrepreneurs:

The most important networks at this moment are:

Facebook and Instagram

Don’t share the same content on both networks

Take care of the visual aesthetics of images

Create your own content

Know your consumer and talk to him/her about the topic

Watch your spelling

Inform and educate about your product more than just in sales

The more public your account is, the more people will get to your account

Love, Ch.