Decision and character

The fact that I am consolidated lets me paint what I like.

The Tapatia painter Karla de Lara defines herself as “An unconventional woman; I never had the idea of not working, nor of staying home taking care of the children.  Since I was little, I have been imbued in the world of art and though I only painted to escape monotony, I created majestic worlds”, she relates.

Relating to her academic formation, “the career closest to art is design- I studied graphic and industrial design-, Professor Gustavo Aranguren would tell me not to waste my time studying and, from my commitment to art, I live for that.  Then, without proposing it, I studied a masters in plastic arts in Florence”, the painter remembers.

For Karla de Lara, the balance between her personal and professional life was spontaneously given.  “I have been married for 20 years, I have 2 boys:  one is 15 and the other is 7.  When I had my design firm, my boyfriend-now my husband- had an advertising agency, he took me in account, the project grew and today manages my career:  he gets space, contact collectors, runs my image, communication and sales”.

For her, Mexico “is a source of inspiration, but us artists don’t have much support from the government nor the private sector.  If you want to stand out, seek your path”.  And making way, ” I now have an exposition in New York and Mexico City.  In 2018 I will expose in Milan, Florence and Rome; the comity of sister cities will unite Guadalajara with San Jose, California and make a representative sculpture, among other projects that are to be consolidated.

The most significant piece this artist has made is at Expo Guadalajara:  The biggest mural in Jalisco, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the fairgrounds.

Karla de Lara, tapatia painter