Of Cuban origin and of Mexican heart, Jose Fors is a figure within the musical and plastic arts panorama in Guadalajara.

His character mark is authenticity, so it is very far from any pretention, and this is stated in his work as the lead vocalist of Cuca- a rock group with 27 years of existence, famous for songs like Señorita cara de pizza or El son del dolor-, where Fors uses language out of the “politically correct” status.

“Cuca is not offensive, it just speaks in a colloquial manner, like when we’re at home or how you’d speak to a buddy.  I like the ordinary treatment!” he expresses with total self-assurance, smiling and dressed in the most comfortable way possible in the intimacy of his workshop.

He is so appreciated by his fans, that his music has reached two generations.  “The 90’s public that would go to Roxy- an enclosure for rock fans- now goes with their children to Cuca concerts and that makes the difference of a classic group”, Fors comments.  Incidentally, he is now promoting his 7th album.  “It’s the newest, fresh out of the oven, it’s called Semen; It’s an analogy of Seven; in other words, 7 and includes 13 new themes, with Alejandro Otaola on guitars”, he states.

In his plastic arts phase, Jose Fors also stirs things up with his paintings, and though his works of art have been qualified as “raw” or “grim”, the truth is that he has placed himself within Jalisco’s painting.  At this time, he has a retrospective exhibition- with a well-made museography within the Black Coffee Gallery Foundation in Zapopan, Jalisco.  From the sales of these works of art, a percentage will be donated to support the project of the Foundations that are developed in favor of children; so, it’s worth going to.

At this moment, the artist is working on the creation of an enormous bronze structure.  “Just like this piece (he refers to one that appears in a picture in green), that is how it going to look but much bigger, and by the end of November, people will see it in the “Andador de Alcalde” explains the artist, and continues:  “this creative process makes me happy, I have never made a monumental piece of art and I am giving character to the persona, which is the difficult part.  They are two sculptures that will be in front of each other, it is called Pensamiento Germinal, but we refer to them as Las Macetas because each one has a massive tree on the inside and has steps on the side, because I like for people to interact with the work of art, to take pictures.  They are entertaining pieces, they are going to decorate the city and will be a reference point for tourists “.

This is an artistic proposal that involves various artists that are making pieces for the city and ” this is going to give Guadalajara another look, it’s going to mark an era not just to beautify it, but in favor of less violence and more culture”, concludes Fors.

Jose Fors is a figure within the musical and plastic arts panorama in Guadalajara.