Tasting the Northeast

Texto y fotos: Adriana Vizcaíno FTI @curiogastro

If there is a word that evokes this restaurant, it’s family.  The Rivera Rio brothers united to make a different concept in Monterrey, where the investigation of ingredients and recipes has achieved a sublime experience for its diners.

They manage a menu by season (it is now on the 5th season with 13 dishes to try) and they like to reinterpret and tell stories of classis northeasterners, like:  Atropellado, Menudo, Machacado, Asado de Puerco, Carne Asada and many more.

Each dish has a history, a beautiful plate setting and an exceptional flavor.  It is highly recommendable to ask for the tasting menu with the pairing, to have a whole experience.

This restaurant is worth the trip to Monterrey, so we recommend you reserve with anticipation through its web page.

Koli means ‘grandfather’ in Nahuatl and it is the name the restaurant that has been awarded many times for its incredible tasting menu has.


Koli Cocina de Origen

Torre Ana Sur. Vía Cordillera
Santa Catarina, Nuevo León
Tel. (81) 9688 7333
Web: www.koli.mx


Avocado oil

Fotos/Photos: www.pixabay.com

This product is highly valued because of its properties and the best time for making it is when the avocados are ripe; the pulp is pressed and by using the method of centrifugation is how the oil is separated.

Its origins are from Mexico; it has potassium, fiber and healthy fats that let nutrients be absorbed faster.  The antioxidants that it has help regenerate the skin and tissue; and fight against free radicals, delaying aging.  In the kitchen, it is an excellent substitute for olive oil or butter; you can consume it cold as a dressing for salads, in smoothies, in hummus, with bread and on the most elaborate dishes; it doesn’t lose its properties or flavor when exposed to high temperatures.  And in cosmetics, it’s ideal for fabricating skin lotion since it’s a natural moisturizer.