About us

VIVA MEXICO (VM) is a bilingual supplement that is distributed monthly.  Its mission is to promote Mexico’s touristic and  cultural riches, just like the investment opportunities that the national and international market offer.

With more than 7 years in circulation, VM is the first massive communication media of its type:  it´s all about a creative, intelligent and direct alternative to distribute and resize the country.

Thanks to its success and demand, VM has expanded its publications to other products:


We work to stay within our values,we see for our country, we believe in it and oblige as people and workers.


Promote the touristic and cultural riches and promote Mexico´s opportunities within the rich world market to support the development of our country.


To be the media leader in touristic and economic promotion circulating in North American and Chinese markets.


We are a company which is concerned in Mexico's well being, commited to our clients and our community to create bonds that reinforce beliefs and traditions.

In VIVA MEXICO, our values are:

  • To spread out real information about Mexico.

  • Honesty:  To promote the truth among its team members and transmit it to the exterior.

  • Empathy:  To look out for others so we can sensitize more and transmit better ideas.

  • Social Responsibility:  Look out for the population, supporting the economic development in the Mexican States.

  • Commitment:  Grow to be able to offer more of Mexico’s promotion.

  • Passion in our jobs:  An adventure that we share and transmit to our readers and clients.

  • Effectiveness:  Achieve what has been planned on time and in form.

  • Trabajo en equipo: Pensar en el bienestar general, compartiendo y

    Team Work:  Think of well-being in general, sharing and learning together.