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  10 August 2015 | Language:  

Viva México (VM) is a bilingual tabloid issued every month in the main newspapers of the country thanks to strategic alliances with major editorial firms. Its mission is to promote the cultural and touristic richnesses of Mexico, as welll as its investment opportunities for domestic and international markets.

With over 4 years in circulation, VM is the first massive media of this kind: it´s a innovative alternative, intelligent and direct to broadcast and promote the country, and it´s printed ecologically with recyclable paper and biodegradable inks.

Thanks to its success and demand, VM has expanded its publication to other products:

Viva Mexico Security
Promotes the commitment of creating an efficient culture of safety among the demands and problem of this country.

Anccemex yearbook
VM edits the Oficial Yearbook of Pure Blood Spansh Horsebreeding in Mexico. Is one of the most important publication of the horse world in our country.

AUGUST 10TH 2015.

Cuzalapa; Coffee place.

Mezcala, Jalisco.

Quiroga, Michoacan.
Advertising Supplement 2015 .
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